Sunday, April 10, 2011


NTU was established in 1955 being the first chinese university in South-east Asia as Nanyang University.In  1981, NTI was established in the same campus.In 1991 NTI became the present NTU and in 1996 alumni of Nanyang University was transferred to NTU.In April 2004,NTU was corporatised to enable further global education and research.In last year 2010,NTU hosted the YOG with the first ever Youth Olympic Games Village that consists of 5000 athletes and officials.

Xingnan Primary School was established in 1932 with only 10 pupils studying in it.At that time it was a chinese school and its name is Sin Nan Primary School.During the second japan occupation,the school was forced to close down but due to the strongly support from everyone,it was re opened.In 1982 Xingnan Priamry School became a English-Medium,Government-Aided School and took in its first batch of malay students.In 1998,it moved to its present site 5 Jurong West Street 91.In 1989 the school was officially declared open by Mr Ho Kah Leong.Then in 2003 Xingnan achieved its best PSLE score with a T-score of 284.In 2007 it celebrated its 75th anniversary.Now it is expanding bigger and bigger and with the increased of better facilities.


Jurong Point is established at 1995 with 95 retailers .In 1998,it was fully extended and in 2nd December 2000,it was enlarged to 450000 square feet and in 2008 it was further enlarged to 750000 square feet by adding a new wing,JP2,increasing the parking lots from 400-1500.Present,it has now an air-conditioned bus interchange linked to it and every month there will be 3 million shoppers.


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